Water Saving Tips!

Find your freshwater tanks are always running low while dry camping? Try these water-saving tricks to save those precious drops of H20!
  • Use disposable plates, utensils and serving dishes whenever possible and dispose of them (don't wash them!)
  • Place a dishpan tub in your kitchen sink to collect run-off from rinsing dishes, washing hands, etc., and dispose of the water in your toilet (also helps keep your black tank cleaner and your grey tanks from filling up!)
  • Use a hand sanitizer whenever possible to clean your hands instead of water.
  • Instead of using a sponge (which requires water!) to clean your countertops and table, use sanitizing wipes. You're surfaces will be clean and sanitized and you'll use less water!
  • Line pots and pans with aluminum foil before cooking. Just toss foil into trash to clean-up and no water wasted on dishes!
  • When showering, turn the shower head off while scrubbing/shaving. Only have water on to initially moisten and rinse.
  • Use facial cleansing wipes to wash your face and hands instead of traditional soap and water.

  • Whenever possible, use water spigots to fill coffepots and pots for boiling water.
  • If it's yellow, let it mellow! 'Nough said!