Our Fave RV Accessories

Sometimes it's the littlest things that make the RV life that much more convenient. These items are just a few of our top picks that we can't live without.

We love the relaxing naps that come along with a zero gravity chair, but we were tired of lugging and storing the size and weight that comes along with most models. We found these lightweight alternatives on Amazon and quickly ordered a pair. We instantly fell in love with these chairs for several reasons. First, they fold up to practically the same size as typical stadium chairs. They are extremely lightweight yet sturdy and durable. The footrest is always in extended position when sitting in the chair, but has been designed to allow you to easily and comfortably bend at the knees to sit up while eating, reading, etc. The back support of the chair easily changes position from recline to upright. We also love how these chairs breathe more than others, allowing them to dry quickly if they are left out in a rain shower and allow the breeze to cool your body while in them. These are a must buy!

Protecting your electronics is important and home and on the road. RV parks and campgrounds with faulty wiring, or surges in electricity can wreak havoc on your RV costing you thousands of dollars. For just a few hundred dollars you can sleep soundly through that thunderstorm knowing you electronic systems are protected. We did quite a bit of research to find out which after market portable wiring system would best protect our RV when hooked up at a campground or RV park. We decided on Progressive Industries model over other manufacturers for a couple of reasons. First, it is made in the good ol' US of A. Secondly, it has a lifetime warranty; much better than the one year that most competitors offer. Additionally, online reviews proved that this unit not only provides top notch protection against polarity issues, high and low voltage, and A/C frequency issues, but it also shuts down power to the RV and restores power when tests determine it is safe to do so. Additionally, it comes with a weather resistant shield, and constantly spews easy-to-read digital display code to indicate amps, voltage, and previous error codes. Simply plug in at the pedestal and remove with the rugged easy pull handle. We especially love the laminated cheat sheet to keep in a handy place if we receive an error code.

This Dyson vacuum has two things going for it: it has MAJOR suction, and it's cordless! It charges while you are driving or hooked up at your favorite RV park to 120V power. With battery power, it will even work when dry camping, as long as your battery has been charged. This super sucking machine will get rid of that pesky beach sand, desert dust, or pet hair. Definitely worth the investment. Plus, it's easy to store. We have our charger mounted in one of our basement storage bins.

This little grill shouldn't deceive you. With a decent amount of grill space, plus a small burner top, prepping dinner just moved from in to outside where you can enjoy your favorite view. Our favorite thing is how easy it is to store with it's fold flat lid.

This is hands down the most expensive, but best investment we have made in our rig (other than indoor storage). Many of the newer rigs are coming "Solar Ready" by Zamp. Be sure to invest in the Zamp panels for your Zamp system. Research led me to a site that explained that Zamp wiring is reversed from the regular wiring, and plugging a non-Zamp into your solar port will fry your whole system. So splurge. This foldable solar panel will provide enough amperage to keep all of your batteries charged and everything working without running that pesky, noisy generator. We dry camped for several days and never hit the generator once. When you're ready to move on, just fold away and store in the padded, zippered case in your basement storage. You can't beat this eco friendly investment.

We've all been short on water while dry camping and spied a water spigot near our site. With a few hoses connected together (maybe borrowed from that neighbor with the friendly wave), you get to the spigot and realize there is no threading on it. In steps this Water Bandit. The rubber casing simply slides onto any spigot and eliminates the need for a threaded spigot. You'd be silly not to have one in your water fill station bin.

A good hose goes a long way. We have all seen the fiasco Robin Williams experienced with a wimpy hose in RV. This RhinoEXTREME is strong and sturdy enough to do the job.

Ask any woman (or man in the kitchen) and counter space in an RV is precious. This over the cabinet paper towel holder eliminates the need for tacky under cabinet mount models or space hogging countertop model. Be bold. Take your counter space back!

Every RVer fears the worst, the tire blow out. It always happens at the worst time. Monitor your pressure with this system and prevent accidents before they occur.

With the addition of our two little kitties to our RV lifestyle, we had to make some adaptations. We found and our kitties adore this portable pet playpen. It's collapsible, easy to store, sturdy, has multiple entrances/exits for kitty, abundant screened windows, an attached floor, and a large zippered top where you can access kitty. Our kittens have spent time enjoying the outdoors with us from this little kitty pen. They have enjoyed it so much, we leave it open inside the rig when we travel where they use it as a sleeping or play space. It's just the right size for small dogs too!