Flying Flags Avila Beach, Avila Beach, California

This is a stunning setting to park your rig and enjoy the quaint, lesser known Avila Beach area. Located adjacent to Pismo Beach and just a short drive south of San Luis Obispo, the park is a quiet place to spend a few nights. The property was just recently opened as of 2022 and still has another phase of RV sites to be completed. The property is mainly used by RVers, offering full hookup sites, but there are also cottages and dry sites for tenters. If you are familiar with the Buellton Flying Flags, you will know that this is a top notch facility, but it lacks a lot of the amenities that a high price tag at Buellton offers. Other than laundry facilities and a small "lookout room" featuring complimentary hot cocoa, coffee, tea and board games, there really aren't a lot of property amenities. The price tag here is high, and if you ask me, not worth it. We managed to book a site well in advance, and we must have snagged some special rate before they really jacked up the prices. Our stay was right at about $100 a night, which felt a bit high, but when we pulled in and noticed every site had a stunning, unobstructed view of the ocean, natural gas fed fire pits,  crisp, manicured grounds, a common area where bands play in summer months, and of course, easy access to the bay, the pier, and Avila Beach, we loved it, and felt the price was definitely worth it. We enjoyed our three night stay here over our winter break, and talked about making plans for the summer months with another couple. That's when the love affair with Flying Flags Avila Beach came to a screeching halt. When settling back in at home and checking their website for a late summer stay, I was SHOCKED to see that there is a seven, yes SEVEN night miniumum stay in the summer. We have never stayed in any one spot for seven nights, nor would we choose to. Tack on top of that a steep price tag of anywhere from $165 to a $279 price tag per night during summer months (and popular weekends), and we were out. So, we thought, what about a random weekend in March, or any month for that matter. Each Friday or Saturday night stay has a four night minimum. So you are easily looking at a $600 stay, for just a weekend. Plus, our kids are still in school, and as educators, we find it irresponsible to pull our kids from school, and miss our educational responsibilities to travel when school is in session. So, this place is clearly catering to retired folks who are able to pay ridiculous prices for a stay - in their own RV. I can't imagine what the cottages cost, and honestly, can't bring myself to look. So, just like it's sister resort, Flying Flags Buellton, this has become another overpriced, non-option for us. Although the views and setting is spectacular, I wouldn't be willing to cater to such ridiculous minimum night stays and high price tags.

Best Sites: All
Poor Sites: 20 & 40 (some type of electrical box sticking up in the air impedes perfect views)
Hookups: Electric, Water & Sewer
Potable Water: At each site
Dump Within Facility: At each site