Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

Offering only first come, first served sites, this sprawling Bureau of Land Management area is busiest in fall, winter, and spring months. Summers here can be beastly hot with temperatures in the 100s, so plan accordingly. Located about a mile or two west of Lone Pine, along Whitney Portal Road, you will find the turn off to the Alabama Hills along Movie Road, named for the numerous sci-fi and westerns that have been filmed here. A description of the landscape doesn't do it justice. With the backdrop of Mount Whitney and her 14,000 granite, snow-capped peak, the Alabama Hills rise in a ridge along her base with contrasting sandy and reddish tones. We felt almost like we were in a melting pot of Snow Canyon (Utah) and Arches National Park. Interior roads here are dirt, so be prepared for a bumpy, slow drive into the park. The roads meander around rock formations, up and down hills, and 4WD would add a layer of comfort. We do not have 4WD and fared just fine, but there were a few spots where I wondered if we were really suited for this place. Despite my worries, we found several other small to mid sized class C motorhomes and a plethera of van conversions and travel trailers. Sites vary in location and size. Some are tricky to get to, with steep graded roads, and would require quite a leveling job to settle into. Others, like the spot we chose, were more of a community site with lots of open space to manuever and level your rig. We did have a couple of neighbors in our community "cul-de-sac" but found them to be pleasant and respectful. The views here are what you come for, along with rock crawling and hiking the Mobius Arch loop. Various roads within the park will lead to the different movie sites. A quick stop at the Visitor's Center on the way up to camp will offer maps and guidance. Campsites are all marked, along with day use and trail use; adhere to signage and know your limitations. Be prepared to have no shade throughout your stay, other than the awning on your rig. We encountered significant winds throughout much of our stay, so the awning wasn't much help to us. There are no amenities here, including restrooms, with the exception of a couple of porta potties at the Mobius Arch trailhead, so prepare and plan accordingly. There is no potable water, no dump station, no trash, no camphost, and no cell service. You must have a fire permit to have a campfire here, which are available on the BLM website.  

Best Sites: All
Worst Sites: None
Hookups: None
Potable Water: No
Dump Within Facility: No