Green River Campground, Dinosaur National Monument, Jensen, Utah

Dinosaur National Monument has several campgrounds offering visitors the option to stay within the park boundary. Green River campground is one of two major campgrounds accessible via the west entrance of the park. The campground sits along the Green River's edge spotted with cottonwoods, however sites lack river access and views. There are, however, beautiful views of the geological formations. On our visit, we only were able to only see the river from site 80. Our site, #27, was adjacent to the river, but dense shrubbery prevented us from visiting its edge. We were, however, able to hear the river when our windows were open. Park roads and site pads are paved and extremely level. Weather here is extremely hot and dry in the summer, with
temperatures often approaching 100+. Generator use is allowed within the park during daytime hours to help keep your rig cool, but we found temperatures really didn't cool down until long after sunset. With no electrical hookups at any sites in camp, this made for a hot stay and a shortened visit for us.
Several trails lead from camp, although with the heat, we did not explore them. The park Visitor Center is interesting with not only the typical NP video, exhibits, and gift shop, but also the Quarry where you can see actual dinosaur fossils. Some fossils are still partially embedded in the mountainside while others have been fully excavated and are on display. Over 1,000 fossils are available to view here. We found this exhibit interesting and fascinating.
We initially had a two night reservation here, but shortened it to one due to the heat and lack of hookups. The park is easily enjoyed in a one night stay.

Best Sites: 30, 80
Poor Sites: None
Hookups: None
Potable Water: Park website says YES, but we didn't see it.
Dump Within Facility: No