Campground at the Falls, Pineville, Missouri

We were hesitantly anticipating our one night overnight stay here. The campground website lacked many pictures, but descriptions of the park sounded enticing with tubing, swimming, zipling, and campsites along the rushing river. We pulled into the campground on a very hot summer day. We were not initially
impressed with the layout of camp or the lack of paved interior roads, grassy pads, and assortment of campers. A few people sat in the river to keep cool, but the falls hardly looked as robust as they did on the website. We drove through the main loop of the campground and spotted the single zip line apparatus.  It was at this point we decided to drive onward and leave our reservation unfulfilled. The zip line had a large metal ladder which leaned against a wooden tower. From the top of the tower there was a line (not sure what it was constructed of) that seemed to sharply head into the measly river below. The setup looked flimsy and unsafe and I was not about to let our children take a chance, so off we went. The campground is in a green, grassy area within the rolling hills of western Missouri. Full hookups are provided at RV sites. A lean-to shack at the front of the resort has life jackets and canoes for rent. There are bathhouse on site.

Best Sites: Riverfront
Poor sites: All
Hookups: Electric