Casino Queen RV, East St. Louis, Illinois

We aren't typically the type to seek out urban campgrounds. However with a visit to a Cardinals game on tap, we found this RV park to be the perfect set up to see the sights of the city of St. Louis. At the park you will find yourself in an asphalt lot behind the riverfront Casino Queen. Offering over 100 full hookup sites, those situated on the North side of the park
have a tree between each, or view the beautiful St. Louis arch from the treeless sites on the South side. You will find a small laundry, a simple playground, picnic area, meager store, 24 hour security, and casino access; but best thing here is the Metro and free shuttle into the city. A courtesy shuttle will pick you up from the park and drop you at the casino or the Metro rail line that takes you across the river and into the city. Or, if you're headed to a sporting event, take the shuttle directly to and from the stadium starting an hour before game time. We opted to use the Metro to cross the river. Within five minutes we were in the city. You will hear the sounds of the city humming while at camp, but the proximity and easy access are worth it. With so much to see and do in St. Louis and the park's great location,  we will be back for another visit.

Best sites: Sections 500 & 600
Worst sites: Section 400
Hookups: Electric, Water, & Sewer
Potable Water: At each site
Dump Within Facility: At each site