Liberty Harbor RV Park, Jersey City, New Jersey

Considering location, Liberty Harbor RV Park is an excellent choice for RVers who desire to spend a few days in New York City, but it comes at a price. This place is not cheap and you are paying for easy access to the city. Also, their cancellation policy is horrible, with 50% of that hefty price tag staying in their pockets upon a cancellation. As a result, I refuse to support this RV park after cancelling during Covid-19 and battling to get my money back due to extenuating circumstances. I would rather spend my money at parks that put the customer first and aren't greedy. Management is unwilling to consider the extenuating circumenstances of the pandemic and allow you to move a reservation from one calendar year to another. If you're willling to risk all this, then you will enjoy it's proximity to the city. We were expecting parking lot style camping, which is true to what you will find here. 

Best Sites: A2, A3, A13, A22, B1, B2, B22, B23, C1, C2, C23
Poor Sites: None
Hookups: Electric & Water
Potable Water: Yes
Dump Within Facility: Yes