City of Rocks National Reserve, Almo, Idaho

This beautiful park in the southern part of Idaho, just across the Nevada-Idaho borderline, is a spectacular site. Centuries ago as emigrants traveled along the Oregon Trail, some travelers opted to detour along the California Trail. When driving on the gravel road into the park, you will be traveling the same trail that early settlers traveled and can actually stop and see where emigrants signed their names onto a large boulder using wagon axle grease. This area was a popular spot on the trail and was identified by its large boulders that create almost a small city.
As spectacular as this place was, we were frustrated and disappointed to discover on arrival that
all interior roads are gravel and dirt. The campground is set among the rocks, several miles into the park. Travel will be slow going. Since our visit, and per my request, the NPS has updated the website to indicate that interior roads are not paved. We were very concerned about the wear and tear on our rig getting here. Once we backed into our site, we tried to level with no success. Pads are not always clearly marked and the campsite and pad area is dirt. With heavy rains that sometimes come here, and were expected the evenings of our stay, we were concerned about mud and departing the park via the dirt roads, so we opted, sadly, to leave this park. Big rigs are just not suited here, and we definitely received quite a few stares as we pulled in. Trailers and tents are better off. There are several hiking trails, beautiful views, rock climbing and a few historical points of interest within the park. All campsites had picnic tables and fire rings. Idaho State Parks also have a campground within a few miles (along a dirt road as well) offering campsites.
Had we been able to settle into our site a little more easily, this definitely would have been an awesome place to stay. Hopefully the NPS will consider paving interior roads and pads so that this stunning landscape can be enjoyed by all.

Good Sites: All
Poor Sites: None
Hookups: None
Potable Water: None
Dump within Facility: None