Ricardo Campground, Red Rock Canyon State Recreation Area, Cantil, California

Just a few miles north of Mojave along the Interstate 395, you will notice a dramatic change in landscape. This stunning corridor of the 395 is part of Red Rock Canyon State Park and is a beautiful place to enjoy some time. Ricardo Campground is the only state operated park here, although BLM (Bureau Land Management) campgrounds spot the perimeter of the park. Although this campground is only 1/4 of a mile from the 395, once you're settled in here you would never know since the road leading you to the campground winds around beautiful red rock cliffs to a tucked away oasis that you will call home for a few days.  Ricardo has a Visitor's Center, picnic tables, fire rings and scenic views at all fifty
of its campsites. This area is popular for off road vehicles, and many 4x4 trails lead from the park. Reservations are not accepted here, so during spring and fall (peak season here in the desert) arrive early to snag a spectacular spot!

Good Sites: All
Poor Sites: None
Hookups: None
Potable Water: Yes
Dump Within Facility: Yes 


I actually live in Cantil and I can offer some advice on the OHV crowds and how to avoid them. 4 day weekends it is like living in a big city here and their favorite holiday to spend in jawbone and dove springs, Ricardo campground is Thanksgiving holiday that is the busiest time of year Christmas too believe it or not but Thanksgiving there is a line of vehicles on the two lanes in and out on hwy 14, hwy 395, redrock Randsburg road, and even into camp C through California city. So campers might want to avoid these specific OHV holidays in the Desert unless you go camping to be around crowds? Ha Ha!

very nice write up about our humble desert mountain state Park that now draws 700,000's visitors every year from Los Angeles and the Valley areas - its crazy! hope they provide more services because summer camping can be dangerous with the temperatures