Restway Travel Park, Cheyenne, Wyoming

I have never seen such a poor excuse for an RV park or campground as the Restway Travel Park in Cheyenne. There is little to be desired here. Many claims are made as to their amenities, however, upon closer inspection, this place is a filthy dump. They advertise miniature golf, laundry, groceries, recreation room, heated pool, and playground. The miniature golf was made of dirty, shag carpeting with weeds poking through. The laundry was in a tight closet-sized space that only accommodated two washers and two dryers and was only open from 9-5. The groceries were on a crooked shelf next to a stack of toilets
(used or not I'm not sure) in the lobby of the office and consisted of one bottle of ketchup, one can of beans, one can of enchilada sauce, and one can of peaches. We never saw the recreation room. The pool was filled each morning with a garden hose...not sure how that's heated. There is a dilapidated, rusted playground literally in the "patio" area of a campsite. After our first night's stay we noticed a missing hubcap. Our neighbors (who were parked practically up against our rig they pack you in so tightly here) heard suspicious noises in the night as did we. Was it stolen? Not sure, but I wouldn't doubt it at this place. The only perk here is the nominal-fee you pay for the shuttle that takes you into downtown Cheyenne and the grounds of the Cheyenne Frontier Days, which is a fun family event to attend and made our stay more worthwhile here. A better option: the Cheyenne KOA. Avoid the Restway Travel Park.