Devil's Garden Campground, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

What an awesome place to camp! Devil's Garden Campground is set deep in Arches. On your drive in towards camp you will see beautiful fins, arches and red rocks all around. The views are spectacular and you can get a good feeling for just how magnificent this place is. The best time of year to visit is in spring and fall, as temperatures in the summer average about 100 degrees, and winter is cold. If you book a summer visit, plan on hiking early in the morning, and be aware of the strict generator hours enforced by the ranger at camp. The campground itself is nestled near several trail heads that lead to various arches and fins and huge rocks are all around you. Some trails are more strenuous than others, and information is provided upon entry and at the Visitor's Center at the entrance of the park. There really are no poor sites at the campground. Each
spot provides adequate space from your neighbor and all spots have pretty views or scenery whether it's that your camping up next to a large fin, have a view of an arch or of the valley.

Good Spots: 28, 31, 44-52
Poor Spots: None
Hookups: None
Potable Water: Yes
Dump within Facility: No